Divine Mercy Catholic Church


The death of a loved one is a time of sorrow for the family and friends. For believers, this grief is filled with hope because Our Lord Jesus Christ is risen and has opened the gates of paradise to the faithful.
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at a Catholic Funeral is to Give Glory to God, to pray for the soul of the departed, and to comfort the mourners. It reminds the living of the importance of being prepared to meet God. We also wish to honor the memory of the deceased. 

Arrangements can be made with Robin Lake and her bereavement team. We do not hold funerals on Sundays, Mondays, Holy Days of Obligation,Paschal Triduum, and National Holidays. The Priests and staff of Divine Mercy are here to be of assistance to you in your time of need.

 May Christ our Savior grant mercy and peace to your departed loved one and comfort you in your time of grief.