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We provide food to the needy in our Merritt Island community. We also provide limited financial assistance to help on an emergency basis with rents, electricity, water, medical prescriptions and other necessary emergency assistance.
We accept donations of food, money or in-kind services to help us help others. 
If you would like to provide financial assistance to the poor and needy in our community please make your financial contributions in the poor box, or drop them off by the church office.  Checks should be made payable to the: Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  If you would like to know more about our ministry or volunteer, please contact the church office.  This ministry is headed by Gary Barrows, president.



Need assistance with food? We have food distribution from the Divine Mercy parking lot. Click here for schedule


SVdP Food Distribution - Feeding 300 neighbors on a budget of $200!



If you are interested in joining our Society please contact: ttombler@hotmail.com

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Our Vincentians being blessed at Mass on April 24, 2022



Picture of our Vincentians with Fr. Kenny


Historical Fact


Did you know the founder of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul was Frederic Ozanam?  At the age of 20, along with five other students, he formed what is now called the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in France.  His mission was to help the poor.


Great News


Vincentians with the Conference at Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Merritt Island provided assistance to a family of four living out of their vehicle. The family had moved to the area seeking work and ran out of money. The Conference provided temporary and eventually allowed the family to secure permanent housing.

The husband and wife secured jobs and are able to sustain themselves and two children. St. Vincent de Paul provided a hand up with nights at a motel and when they secured permanent housing, Vincentians assisted with bedding, furniture and other household items. 

Thanks to the Team at the St. Vincent de Paul Orlando Thrift Store in Apopka, we provided beds, a washer, dryer, dressers and more. Parishioners donated household items, pots, pans, etc. 

It's an all-around success story as the family is now on their own and able to live self-sufficiently.


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